The Bride of Frankenstein Episode 022

Mar 5, 2018

Love is in the air for monsters, and the team are joined for this episode by special guest Lady Jennifer (The Bride of Lee’n’stein).
We dial back the clock to another true classic of Universal Horror, and cinema in general: “The Bride of Frankenstein”, in which Ernest Thesiger grows his own, Karloff shares a blunt with a blind man, and Una O’Connor gets the fear. A lot.
Along the way, Lady Jennifer roasts chestnuts on an open fire, Lee unboxes our Welcome To Horror T-Shirts, and Adam is swallowed by a sofa.
Watch (or re-watch) to avoid spoilers, and join us.
[For anyone wondering – the outro music for this episode is the Bride herself, Elsa Lanchester singing “Fiji Fanny”, from her delightful album “Elsa Lanchester Sings Bawdy Cockney Songs”]

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