Leprechaun 045

The team celebrates St Patrick’s Day by watching 1993’s absurd “Leprechaun”, in which a devious child-genius takes advantage of the mentally challenged, Warwick Davis has more vehicles than Batman and Jennifer Aniston learns to not accept collect calls from anyone called “Andy”.Along the way we discuss “True Detective”, “Hellier”, “Tentacles”, “In The Night Garden” and Adam’s gastroscopy.

Episode and Full Show Notes
045 Leprechaun - Welcome to Horror Episode 45

The Abominable Dr Phibes 044

This week, we’re joined by Westley Smith, musician, artist and creator of our logo, to watch one of Vincent Price’s finest hours - The Abominable Dr. Phibes!A film in which we see Vincent Price talk though the back of his neck, the cutest killer bats ever, and Terry-Thomas pulls his handle off whilst watching a blue movie.Along the way we discuss “Wild At Heart”, “Horror Express” and “Overlord”.Watch (or re-watch) to avoid spoilers, join us, and find out....

Episode and Full Show Notes
044 The Abominable Dr Phibes - Welcome to Horror Episode 44

Kill List 043

It’s Adam’s Birthday choice, and he’s picked feel-good family favourite “Kill List”. (This is a joke! Seriously, don’t watch this with gran and the kids).A disturbing film from the brilliant Ben Wheatley in which we discover interesting uses for a hammer, observe the best way to deal with guitars at the dinner table, and The Shark Song has an entirely different meaning.Along the way we discuss “Split”, “Master’s of Horror”, “Mother” and morn the passing of Dick Miller.Will Chris enjoy Kill...

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043 Kill List - Welcome to Horror Episode 43

Horror on Sea Film Festival 2019 042

The team return to Southend’s Horror-On-Sea festival for the second year in a row! Having enjoyed the selection last year, we again picked a day (Saturday 19th January), and bring you reviews of some of the excellent fare we stuck into our eyeballs.We review the features Mr Crispin, Hell’s Kitty and Cute Little Buggers, and the shorts Halloween Girls, The Ratman of Southend, Apostles, Backslash and Baby Monitor.Join us live from the pub, and from the comfort of our new recording...

Episode and Full Show Notes
042 Horror on Sea Film Festival 2019 Welcome to Horror Episode 042

Black Mirror Bandersnatch 041

The team are joined once more by Claire as they watch/play Netflix Interactive “Black Mirror” episode “Bandersnatch”.Will you choose the right path? Have you got the 3 letter code? And have you spotted all the lions yet?The team take a deep dive into the Black Mirror shared universe, enjoy a tasty snack and along the way discuss our favourite films of 2018, a proposed 10-step guide to horror for Claire and “Bros: When The Screaming Stops”.Watch/play (or re-watch/replay) to avoid spoilers,...

Episode and Full Show Notes
041 Black Mirror Bandersnatch Welcome to Horror Episode 041
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