#askwelcometohorror 031

Sep 16, 2018

Bit of a change up for Episode 31 – we’ve had some brilliant questions for our #askwelcometohorrorcampaign recently, so much so that we’ve decided to devote a whole show to discussing and answering them!
Lee, Chris and Adam are joined by long-time listener, first-time guest Adam Laws, whose question prompted this long form approach in the first place.
We also have questions from loyal listeners Dario Bentley, Pinball Bobby of “Not For Everyone” Podcast and Sarah T; thanks for you excellent contributions folks.
Let us know your thoughts on the topics and questions discussed at Facebook, Soundcloud and our website.
If you want to #askwelcometohorror yourself – post your question(s) on Instagram, Facebook or Soundcloud using the hashtag – and we’ll be answering them in future episodes.
No prep necessary for this ep, just jump straight in. Enjoy.

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